Airpuff! Records
Airpuff One
December 16, 2012

Artist & tune

  • Joseph Cotton - Airpuff One / TBSB Digital Band - Version
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There are countless singles coming out on a daily basis. Too many to mention! Some make the highest grade. This is the case with Joseph Cotton's latest single, "Airpuff One". The legendary DJ has done it again.

Joseph Cotton (born Silbert Walton in St.Anns parish, Jamaica, 1957) has been honing the DJ craft since the mid 1970's. He began his career as Jah Walton with "Gourmandizer" (1976, Joe Gibbs). He continued the hits with Harry Mudie with the classic "Stay A Yard" and "Praise God". He switched gears in the mid 1980's, changing his style and name to Joseph Cotton. He scored a massive No.1 in the U.K in 1987 with "No Touch The Style. Since then, he has continued to record quality tracks for a variety of producers mainly in Europe. His notable albums include his debut, "Touch Her Where She Wants It Most"(1981), "No Touch The Style" (VP, 1987) and "Unity Amongst The Youths" (Jet Star, 2006).

The veteran has teamed with new label, Airpuff! Records. The vision of Fabrice Pelloux is to produce clean and conscious Jamaican music; nice to have Mr. Cotton on the roster! Airpuff One sounds like it was recorded in the Digital Age's heyday, boasting a wicked Dancehall riddim that is thoroughly intoxicating. This ranks up there with "Sleng Teng". Joseph Cotton is totally energizing 'pon the track, with authority and vigor of DJ's half his age. The message is clear, it's time to clean up pollution in the environment and the radio! The version serves justice with the TBSB Digital Band laying down an airtight backbone. Brings back memories of a King Jammy's dubplate special.

Joseph Cotton has a style that no one can touch. He has strived in a business where only the fittest of the fit survive. With a new album due for release next year, "Airpuff One" is a good sign of things to come with Joseph Cotton and Airpuff Records. Get this for your sound system. Go deh.