Artist / Title :
Triston Palmer - Joker Smoker
King Tubby - Rude Boy Dub
Triston Palmer - Run Around
King Tubby - Rice & Peas Dub

Label : Reggae Goldmine      Format : 12" single      Date : 23 - 11 - 2003
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Deejay-turned-producer Nkrumah Thomas aka Jah Thomas was responsible for producing a brace of early eighties dancehall classics with artists such as Little John, Louie Lepki, Anthony Johnson, Michael Palmer, Peter Metro and of course...Triston Palmer (or Tristan Palma as it should be spelled as the singer himself states). Originally released on Thomas' "Midnight Rock" label it's the Dutch "Reggae Goldmine" label that re-releases two wicked Triston Palmer tunes plus their awesome dub versions on 12". One of our all-time favourite tunes is Triston Palmer's meditation on the "Joker Smoker"s who beg a Rizla, lighter and then want some of your sensi too! Smokers selection on a brutal Roots Radics riddim comes complete with an even harder dub expertly mixed by the late great dubmaster Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby. Although not such a big hit as 1982's caustic "Joker Smoker", "Run Around" (also known as "Run Around Woman") was another successful tune for Triston Palmer. Again the youthful singer delivers a very enjoyable tune underpinned by an awesome Roots Radics drop and followed by an excellent dub version. Worthwhile checking out!

Teacher & Mr. T.