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Roots & Akcent - Keepin' It Real (With God)
Roots & Akcent - Dubbin' It Real
Roots & Akcent - Lake Of Fire
Roots & Akcent - Dub Of Fire

Label : LSW Music Productions      Format : CD Single      Date : 27 - 09 - 2001
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Roots & Akcent are two bredren -Michael Killiany (lead vocals, chanting, acoustic guitar & percussion) & Aire Duarte (rapping, chanting & backing vocals)- who create, record and perform a unique blend of reggae music, inspired by Jesus Christ, thus trying to reach the youth of this world with a positive alternative to the immorality that is so often promoted through entertainment and the media.
Their debut cd-single (a pre-release from Roots & Akcent's forthcoming debut album) is called "Keepin' It Real" and consists of two tracks and their dub remixes. Keepin' It Real (With God) is a smooth dancehall flavored tune with nice deejay rapping from Akcent, whilst Lake Of Fire is a melodic and catchy rootical tune, complete with some subtle spanish guitar licks. The dub remixes are pure instrumentals "done in such a way that listeners can meditate and reflect on the message or sing the lyrics themselves".
The tracks have been programmed and mixed by Winston Spence of LSW Productions with contributions from Lamont Williams on additional keyboards and Fred Rodriguez on guitar.

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