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Creation Stepper - King Nebuchadnezzar / Dub
Creation Stepper - The Nebuchadnezzar SkaRock / Dub

Label : Jah Tubbys      Format : 10" single      Date : 21 - 05 - 2004
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The Jah Tubbys label brings us a truly majestic roots 10inch featuring Creation Stepper's stunning killer tune "King Nebuchadnezzar". The latter is a beautiful bass heavy cultural effort with a wicked vocal delivery. This great tune keeps you involved from beginning the end and simply demands to be played over and over again. Next drops the dub version, another high quality track that deserves full attention of any dubhead. On the flipside we're treated to a very entertaining and exciting ska-fueled version of "King Nebuchadnezzar". Wiiiccckkkeeed!!! One of the best UK roots releases of recent months, undoubtedly. Get it while you can, because there's only a limited amount of this 10inch release available. Ignore at your peril!!

For more info check Jah Tubbys website.

Teacher & Mr. T.