Lion's Den
Digital Release / 12" Vinyl Single (Limited Edition)
April 23, 2014

Artist & tune

  • Lutan Fyah - Get Out / Kali Green & konTa - Start A Revolution
  • Lutan Fyah - Get Out (Roommate & Ras Lion Remix) / Lutan Fyah - Get Out (Lost City JNGL Remix) / Lutan Fyah - Get Out (FLeCK Remix)
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The "Get Out On The Street EP" is the second release from the Lion's Den label after having put out the "Lent Roots Pour Chant EP" for which they teamed up with heavyweight steppaz producer P. Neyrand aka Panda Dub outta Lyon, France. This time they have collaborated with the upcoming producer Blue Hill outta Athens, Greece, who created a heavy riddim at his own mixing lab. The riddim, which can be characterized as being a backdrop somewhere between jungle and dub, has been voiced by one of Jamaica's finest roots reggae artists Lutan Fyah and Lesotho-born Kali Green & konTa, both Lion's Den MC's outta Berlin, Germany.

Lutan Fyah hardly ever fails to deliver a good tune and "Get Out" is no exception. Here he does fully justice to the strength of the riddim track by coming up with a real powerful vocal cut, in which he calls for action in times of political turmoil, urging the youths to 'Get Out' of their mental and physical state of badness. A truly awesome tune underpinned by a heavyweight riddim that goes real deep. It's almost impossible to match or even outmatch the Lutan Fyah effort, which is proven by Kali Green & konTa's "Start A Revolution". However their call to fight the system full of trickery, downpression and exploitation is a solid piece still, with lyrics delivered in English and German. The flipside of the 12" vinyl includes three remixes in a different style. The first track sees US dubstep pioneer Roommate join forces with the head of the Lion's Den, Ras Lion outta Berlin, Germany. Their version of the Lutan Fyah piece is done inna pumping dub / steppaz fashion, while the second remix by Lost City JNGL (consisting of US bass music legends Noah D and No Thing) goes into jungle (drum&bass) territory. The remix section is rounded off by the jungle producer FLeCk outta Athens, Greece.

It's nice to include some remixes, but it are the vocal cuts on the A-side that reggae heads will appreciate most.