Artist / Title : Noel Bailey - Lonely Girl / Mind-Body & Soul - Make Me Feel Warm
Label : Soul Beat Records      Format : 7" Single (Revive)      Date : 29-10-2001
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Originally released in 1972 this (revive) 7" single features pieces from erstwhile Radics guitarist Noel Baily and a vocal group called Mind-Body & Soul, both produced and arranged by B.B. Seaton. "Lonely Girl" is an excellent early seventies lovers tune. A heartfelt vocal delivery from Noel Bailey with matching vocal harmonies is underpinned by a wonderful backdrop. It makes this tune definitely one to check. However don't overlook Mind-Body & Soul's "Making Me Feel Warm" as that cut is also first-class!!

Teacher & Mr. T.