Artist / Title :
The Amharic - Love Can Do
The Amharic - Dub Can Do
The Amharic - False Prophets
The Amharic - False Prophets (Video)
Label : Pharos Records      Format : CD single     

Date :
December 6, 2005
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Reggae lovers -- You can't go wrong with this Pharos label -- The house backing band and composers largely come from Ruff Cutt, who also made up the backbone of ONU Sound between 1977 to the early 90's.

Particularly compelling in these mixes is the Eskimo Fox style drumming of the under rated Horseman. Think Keith Hudson's "Rasta Country" and early Creation Rebel -- and you get an idea of how good Horseman sounds -- Rim shot Rockers, with power and intelligence.

So, this is a fair -- though not totally representative -- introduction to Amharic and the Horseman/Lion/Black Steel/Bubblers sound. It acts as a reasonable taster for the Amharic's "Descendents" album.

Being frank, the opening track isn't saying much -- The version however, is where this record takes off with its shimmering collapsing cymbals and taut rim shot cracks. And --thankfully -- it is not a dour, backward, humourless and repetitive minor chord "steppers" travesty, a tendency in reggae which is so, so common these days.

The next track, "False Prophets" is indispensable -- particularly for those of you who enjoy early Pablo Moses, Culture and Israel Vibration.

When reggae seems to be going through a weary uninspired lull in which it seems to have been taken over by rigid imitation and pointless, anti creative, matrix checking nostalgia for long gone, decades old forms -- it is a relief to have vital artists like The Amharic making music --

The Amharic are orthodox, even conservative at points -- but they play so well, so tightly and so powerfully with immaculate vocal arrangements they are, at their best -- indispensable.

Professor Barnabas