Artist / Title :
Gregory Fabulous & Prof. Natty - Love Jah / Dub
Gregory Fabulous - Tra-La-La / Dub

Label : Jah Tubbys      Format : 10" single      Date : June 29, 2004
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

London-based "Jah Tubbys" label, known for the release of quality deep roots music, has recently released a series of 10inch singles. One of these releases features the internationally fairly unknown combination duo Gregory Fabulous & Prof. Natty with two decent vocal efforts and its dub versions. These tracks show that Jah Tubby's crew has developed a sound that has its own style, perfected over years and years in the sound system business. Trademark of their production work are the seriously dark bass lines. The latter can be experience while listening to the four tracks featured here. Fine singer Gregory Fabulous and deejay Prof. Natty deliver a satisfying spiritual roots tune, which is followed by a brutal dub version worth of hearing. Gregory Fabulous' distinctive voice is fully displayed on the cheerful cultural piece, "Tra-La-La". A real nice up-tempo tune, that gets a wicked dub treatment, emphasizing on the ever present pounding bass line and nyahbingi style drum patterns.

Teacher & Mr. T.