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February 8, 2011

Artist & tune

  • Leroy Sibbles - If Things Don't Change / If Things Don't Change - Instrumental
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Leroy 'Heptone' Sibbles is one of the living legends of reggae. The influence he had on the development of reggae and the boost he has given reggae music simply cannot be ignored. As lead singer of The Heptones he was responsible for some of reggae's finest tunes.

At the beginning of 2011 he comes up with a nice single called If Things Don't Change. The lyrics and music were written by Leroy himself and the music was played by Donovan Palmer and Leroy Sibbles. The song is a quality old skool reggae tune with a profound message. It urges us to change ourselves and the world, otherwise things will go definitely wrong. After all these years Leroy Sibbles' vocal delivery is still top notch. We recommend this single to the max!

Here's the link to the official Lery Sibbles website.