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October 30, 2009

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  • Miriam - As Long As I
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Dredda Records is a young and fresh record label specialized in roots reggae music. The founders Decko, Layan, Miriam and Phibbs launched Dredda Records in the year 2007. It was the logical next stop after in 2001 Dredda Youthz was founded in North-Amsterdam, when the hobby of 4 long time friends evolved into musical passion in its purest form and offering a serious platform for roots reggae and hip hop with Sranang and Dutch (and later on English as well) lyrics in the Netherlands. In 2004 the albums "Overdosis" and "Krakti" were released and the single "Uma No Krey" from the latter reached the Number One spot in the charts in Surinam. "Welcome To Damsco" became an underground hit and Dredda Youthz' "Kom Op Dan" was the Dutch contribution to Germaican Records' 'Rodeo Europe'-riddim early 2006.

Not only has since then Dredda Records been founded, also the Dredda Studios in Amsterdam as well as in Paramaribo (Surinam) have been nurturing talent under the tutelage of very talented producers 'Decko' and 'Marvin' a.k.a 'Marro' - the driving forces behind the Dredda productions - . The most prominent artists currently are Joggo who already made his mark on the international reggae scene and rising female star Miriam. Miriam grew up listening to and singing gospel, soul and reggae music and she started to jam at the age of thirteen with several bands all over Amsterdam. After singing in several choirs in church she joined the reggae hiphop formation Postmen at the age of eighteen as a background singer. She voiced several songs as female member of Dredda Youthz and was the vocalist on their Number One hit in Surinam "Uma No Krey".

Now Miriam is signed to Dredda Records, the label she co-founded, and working hard on her solo career. This single "As Long As I" is her second release of October 2009, following the excellent conscious tune "If I Could" that was released just 2 weeks earlier. And I was heavily impressed by "If I Could", but this lovers tune "As Long As" i am your wife is even stronger, with its heartfelt lyrics about a love surviving against all odds. This song has also been flawlessly produced by Dredda Youthz' Decko, who has been one of the main forces behind Joggo's rise to the top so far as well and I honestly can't wait till a full album by Miriam will be released. She has the voice and the songs to break big internationally. Until the release of her album you will first have to get your satisfaction from obtaining both "As Long As" and "If I Could" at or finetunes.