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October 16, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Miriam - If I Could
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Dredda Records is a young and fresh record label specialized in roots reggae music. The founders Decko, Layan, Miriam and Phibbs launched Dredda Records in the year 2007. Rising female star Miriam is signed to Dredda Records, the label she co-founded and working hard on her solo career. This single "If I Could" is the first of two releases of October 2009, preceding the brilliant "As Long As I" that was released just 2 weeks after it.

"If I Could" is a beautiful conscious one-drop ballad produced by Dredda Youthz' Decko, in which Miriam with her truly angelic voice describes what needs to be changed in this world. Her voice is so unbelievably sweet that it almost distracts from the serious message delivered here. This great song by Holland's biggest female reggae talent can be heard and bought at and finetunes.