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November 14, 2015

Artist & tune
  • Mellow Mood feat. Damas - Keep Moving
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Italian reggae band Mellow Mood was founded in Pordenone in 2005 and now consists of Italian twin brothers L.O. and Jacob Garzia and band members Federico Mazzolo, Filippo Buresta and Giulio Frausin. They officially debuted in 2009 with their first studio album album entitled "Move!" and since then have put out a few singles and three full length albums, namely "Well Well Well" (2012), "Twinz" (2014) and "2 The World" (2015). On the latter you'll find collaborations with Hempress Sativa & Forelock, Andrew I, Gideon & Selah, Jah9 and Tanya Stephens.

They themselves have also done collaborations for other artists' singles and albums. In 2013 they were featured on Damas' album "Natty Take Ova" and furthermore they did a combination tune with the same artist called "Free Marijuana" (released early 2015). And now there's a brand new tune, the upbeat "Keep Moving", which sees Mellow Mood (i.e. lead vocalists L.O. and Jacob Garzia) again teaming up with Kingston-born artist Damas. The riddim that underpins "Keep Moving", originally by Rubera Roots Band, has been reworked by Wim Radics' Verbruggen of Asham Band (drums) and Marc "MacLes" Leys (all other instruments). The live played riddim rocks in an appealing way and the vocal qualities in the delivery of the artists involved come to full expression on this uplifting song, which promotes unity, oneness and the willpower to survive, strive and thrive in these trying times.

Mellow Mood & Damas' "Keep Moving" is a real nice single, worth hearing!