Maximum Sound
7" single
May 28, 2011

Artist & tune

  • Million Stylez - Unity / Version
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The talented Swedish dancehall reggae artist Kenshin Iryo aka Million Stylez, who busted big in 2006 with the 7" single "Miss Fatty", has recorded tunes for a variety of producers including Sam Gilly, Arif Cooper, Bobby Konders of Massive B, Curtis Lynch Jnr of Necessary Mayhem, and Bost & Bim of Special Delivery Music. Besides a bunch of singles he also has two full length albums, "From A Far" (2007) and "Everyday" (2010), under his belt. And now, for the first time since he emerged on the scene, he has hooked up with producer Frenchie of Maximum Sound.

Under the watchful guidance of this experienced producer, who has regularly proven that he's able to get the best out of the artists that work with him, Million Stylez has recorded a solid, laid back roots effort called "Unity". The singjay delivers his conscious lyrics in his own instantly recognizable style over an appealing original riddim, which comes with a real nice skanking organ sound in the mix.

All in all this is another worthy tune from Million Stylez and the Maximum Sound label.