Artist / Title :
Horace Andy - My World Is Spinning / The Rootsman - Instrumental
Bobby Blue - Blood, Sweat And Tears / The Rootsman - Instrumental

Label : Meteosound-Third Eye Music      Format : Promo 12"      Date : 09 - 04 - 2003
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More wickedness coming on 12" vinyl from Bradford UK based The Rootsman, following up the producer's two latest 10" single releases. This time he meets two great Jamaican singers, the renown Horace "Sleepy" Andy and lesser known Bobby Blue.
Reggae legend Horace Andy was born Horace Hinds in 1951, in Kingston, Jamaica. He began his musical career at Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label in 1970, releasing his first tune "Oh Lord, Why Lord". He was re-named Horace Andy by Coxsone, in deference to the label's big star and great songwriter Bob Andy. In the next thirty years he released deluge of classic records for a number of different producers including "Pure Ranking", "Don't Let Problems Get You Down", "Ital Is Vital", "Rock To Sleep", "Youths Of Today", "Reggae Rhythm", "Girl I Love You", "Natty Dread A Weh She Want" and many more. In the eighties Horace Andy moved to the UK where recorded a very popular album "Elementary", a set completely made on synthesiser and drum machine with riddims built by his then wife The Rhythm Queen and members of Aswad. His link-up with Massive Attack in the mid-90s enabled him to reach his highest ever level of popularity outside of the reggae scene. His contributions to their classic albums "Blue Lines" and "Protection" were near-flawless. Horace Andy paid his first visit to the Rootsman's Third Eye Studio in April 2001, where he recorded an incredible number of dubplate specials for soundboys across the globe. He returned one year later to lick more dubs and also took time to voice a new tune entitled "My World Is Spinning". The Rootsman is known for creating distinctive riddims with hip hop & R'n'B, dark dub sounds and a definite hypnotic feel all over, while Horace Andy's unique falsetto voice has graced many superb recordings. Here the combination of Horace Andy's fragile but moving voice and The Rootsman's original riddim works perfectly well. "My World Is Spinning" makes a serious impression and is definitely a beautiful, mesmerising effort. Also the instrumental is worth of hearing.
The flipside features "Blood, Sweat And Tears" by Bobby Blue. Born Everett Ellis in Burnt Savannah, Westmoreland, Jamaica, Bobby Blue grew up in the Flankers district of Montego Bay. He learned to play the drums at a local revivalist Zion Church and worked as a singer on the north-coast cabaret circuit. His first tune was called "Peace In The Middle East", and the positive response he got from this song convinced Bobby to move to Kingston. He began voicing for a lot of producers, including Ossie Thomas for whom he recorded a batch of singles. These included "Man Of Jealousy", "I'm Vex", "Jah Is My Guiding Light", "There's No Way" and "Mama I Love You". They were well-received and led to the release of the album "Of A Faith", on the Black Solidarity label. In 2000 Bobby travelled to the UK and started to work on an album for the Groove Corporation in Birmingham. A visit to the Third Eye Studio was arranged soon after to cut some specials and Bobby ended up voicing three songs, produced by The Rootsman. One of these tunes, "Love", is featured on The Rootsman's "New Testament" album and the second is now available on this 12" single. Again The Rootsman has managed to create an awesome riddim track, thus providing a perfect backdrop for "Blood, Sweat And Tears". It's a solid conscious piece showcasing the vocal skill and talent of a fine roots singer, who truly deserves a breakthrough to a wider audience.

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