Artist / Title :
Willberrene - Nesta Write This Now

Label : Yahshua Messiah Yahweh Elohim Music      Format : CD Single      Date : 27-10-2000
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Willberrene Miller was born in New York and started singing while attending choir practice. Her deep-seated love for reggae music matured after meeting Bob Marley and the Wailers. In Jamaica she teamed up with a group out of England named The Red Cloud band. Together they produced the song Nesta Write This Now, a melodic and catchy tune. This cd-single contains four versions of the song : the original reggae cut, the instrumental version, a dancehall version and finally the dub. The backing on the original cut sounds more or less C&W orientated. From all four versions we like the dancehall version best.

Teacher & Mr. T.