Artist / Title : Dub Terror feat. Tena Stelin - No More Stress / Dub Terror All Stars - Plan B Version

Label : Deep Roots      Format : 7" single     
Date :
March 21, 2006
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

"No More Stress" and its version is even better than the Tippa Irie and Beenie Man tunes from the Deep Roots "World Peace EP". Far better.

Tena Stelin --in contrast to many current digi roots chanters -- usually has original lyrics, eschewing cliché and tired stereotype. This paean to a tranquil life is contrasted with a disturbed factory roar keyboard hook.

The version side, ("Plan B") just gets better -- this has to be one of the best digi roots dubs since "Jah Light Jah Love" from Vibronics.

"Plan B Version" -- with its thunderous b line, and poetic interpretation of Horace Andy's "Spying Glass" -- competes admirably well with the Wackies and Massive Attack cuts. The melodica pattern sounds like Misty In Roots, contrasted with a piercing Shaka "Lions' Share" style keyboard pugnacity.

If you are thoroughly bored of the majority of European so called new roots and the current crop of JA one drop revivalists, cynically recycling old b lines or late 80's Shaka styles, then these tunes -- particularly, the quite essential "Plan B Version" -- will be a welcome addition to your collection, perhaps proving to the sceptical that there is still life in reworking orthodox structures.

Professor Barnabas