Sugar Shack Records
Digital Release / 12" Vinyl Single (Limited Edition)
November 9, 2014

Artist & tune

  • Talisman - Nothing Change / Nothing Change (Conquering Lion Dub) / Nothing Change (Oldwah Rockers Dub)
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Lovers of old skool roots reggae sound will be in awe when listening to this brand new offering from Talisman, together with Black Roots one of greatest bands to come from Bristol UK. While Black Roots gained international recognition and appreciation in the first half of the 1980s, Talisman didn't manage to surpass the level of local heroes. However nothing happens before its time, and thus it wasn't until 2012 that the name Talisman got wider attention thanks to the release of their compilation set titled "Takin' The Strain" by Bristol Archive Records. Then the 2013 release of "I-Surrection", an album with new songs that got rave reviews, got the ball really rolling for Talisman.

Currently consisting of Dehvan Othieno (Lead Vocals, Guitar) Dennison Joseph (Vocals, Bass) Peter Fletcher (Vocals, Lead Guitar) Chuncs Hutchinson (Keys) Gregg (Keys) and Marqus Fyah Sticks (Drums), Talisman comes up with one of the best songs they have ever written and recorded. "Nothing Change", a killer UK roots anthem that is inspired by the similarities between the late 1970s - the time the band emerged - and 2014, especially when it comes to making ends meet and social and political ills. The song fully shows that Talisman - just like good wine - has improved with age. The inclusion of horns has been a wise decision. It adds a real nice touch to the riddim that underpins "Nothing Change", which makes that it sounds great.

On the B side Dave "Oldwah" Sandford, whose remix of the band's "I-Surrection" album was released as the "Oldwah Deconstruction", dubs up the song in a deadly way. "Nothing Change (Conquering Lion Dub)" is a noteworthy dub piece with the vocals entirely renounced in favour of the horn line although at one stage this is joined by the roar of a rather angry sounding lion, hence the title. This is a truly wicked dub outing reminiscent of classic dub sounds of the 1970s. For "Nothing Change (Oldwah Rockers Dub)", Dave "Oldwah" Sandford has chosen a different approach. Here he follows a more conventional path and incorporating Dehvan Othieno's vocal parts. Both dub versions are mindblowing and a must hear for all dub heads!

With Dave "Oldwah" Sandford on board, it would be a good idea to think of releasing a Talisman Showcase style album, vocal track followed by its dub version.