Black Originator / Rock A Shacka
7" single
December 4, 2010

Artist & tune

  • General Plough - One More River / Version
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General Plough (born Everton Truman) grew up in Kingston's Trenchtown in the 1970s. His mother passed away when he was only 6 months old and he never knew his father. Thus members of his family such as his grandma and aunt, Moley Isachar, used to take care of him. He got to know the Wailers from an early age, as they often visited Plough's aunt when wanting to buy food. Peter Tosh nicknamed him "Plough" after the young Everton tried to help dig a hole for a fence with a metal bar, but then dropped the bar on himself.

He did his first recording called "Back Biter" at a very tender age (in an interview Plough states that he was between 7 and 9 years old, but more likely he was between 12 and 14). The single, produced by Trevor Elliot and released on the Musical Ambassador imprint in 1979, became a hit and was followed by "This Society" for the same producer. Even though the song was banned for its lyrical content it created some buzz for the young singer who was starting to get invitations to record for other producers. For Herman Chin Loy he recorded "Armagedeon War" and "She's Gone". He also produced himself with the song "I Need Your Love", which was distributed by King Culture in Canada.

In 1981 producer Rainer Epp and General Plough released a double-A sided single on their own Black Originator label featuring "The Toughest" on the "Cuss Cuss riddim laid by Sly & Robbie and "One More River". The original single became a very rare collector's item and was recently sold on the internet for $109.45. Not that long ago "The Toughest" was reissued on UK based Toughest Records, however "One More River" still remained in obscurity. It was a very, very long wait, but now "One More River" (recorded at Marley's Tuff Gong studio) along with its wicked dub version has been reissued on 7" vinyl by Rock A Shacka from Japan, which will certainly please all those vintage roots fans who have been searching for this true killer tune for ages. When you hear him sing "One More River To Cross", it's hard to believe that General Plough was only about 16 years old when he recorded this awesome steppers Roots Reggae tune as he sounds more mature. But anyway, General Plough's unique, high-tone vocal delivery, the striking flute accompaniment and the Eastern-flavor melody make this a tune worthwhile hearing. This is Roots Reggae at its very best, so all vinyl buyers purchase this gem while you can!!