Blenders Finest / Soundquake
7" / digital release
April 17, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Lutan Fyah - Mr. Outlaw
  • Perfect - I Smoked A Spliff
  • Jr. Cat - Pressure
  • Elijah Prophet - I Don't Feel Your Love
  • Joggo - See It In Your Eyes
  • Spruddy - The Man I Could Be
  • Phenomden & Lee Everton - Noed Gnueg
  • Dr. Ring Ding - My Love Is Right
  • Ras Pilot - He Is Who He Is
  • Royal Joseph - Israelites
  • Musique - Missing You
  • Killa Cat - Solo Tu
  • Brusco - Superstar
  • Kalafi - On The Road
  • Kaya Warriors - Caribbean Love
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German remix wizard turned producer Jr. Blender - you just have to check his "Remix Conference" Mix-CDs alongside SoulForce - and selector of one of Germany's big '3-S' soundsystems, Berlin's Supersonic Sound (the other 2 being Stuttgart's Sentinel and Detmold's - distributors of this selection - Soundquake) - is the producer of the follow-up to '(Love Is A) Treasure' with this brilliant 'Oooh'-selection for his own label Blenders Finest with 15 tunes over a very nice original riddim embellished with beautiful horns carrying an 80s upful Mikael 'Reuben' Campbell produced bubbling Aswad retro feeling.

Lutan Fyah kicks it off with the very strong "Mr. Outlaw" followed by Perfect's brilliant ganja anthem “I Smoked A Spliff” based on Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"(!) which has the potential to rule all dances this summer. Supercat's younger brother Jr. Cat once more shows he's got the flow and timing of his famous brother with the oldschool approach on "Pressure" before with the heartfelt "I Don't Feel Your Love" Elijah Prophet shows he still is heavily underrated as a singer. Clarence Seedorf's younger brother Jurgen a.k.a. Joggo shows that he's got the talent in music his brother has in football with "See It In Your Eyes" and together with Mikael X he currently seriously threatens Ziggi's position as Holland's number one reggae-artist.

Then former Court Jesters Crew vocalist and member of Soulfood International Spruddy delivers a great solo-tune with "The Man I Could Be", while of course Swiss singjay Phenomden with his Schwytzerdütsch (harder to understand for a native German speaker than thick Jamaican Patois for a native English speaker) lyrics has always been hard to understand but the big surprise is that he's joined here by Lee Everton who despite living in Zürich as well normally delivers his lyrics in proper English, but not for this smashing combination "Noed Gnueg". Dr. Ring Ding pays tribute to one of the singers he admires most in reggae music, Gregory Isaacs, with the sweet in the Cool Ruler's style crooned "My Love Is Right" counteracting himself as DJ throughout the tune.

Trinidad's Ras Pilot impresses with the extremely sweet song of praise "He Is Who He Is" before Royal Joseph continues in that vain with the just a little less convincing "Israelites". With "Missing You" Musique delivers a fabulous piece of lovers rock and then Italy's Killa Cat speeds up the delivery-pace in "Solo Tu" joined by compatriots Brusco with "Superstar" and Kalafi Posca with the impressive "On The Road" (with its very nice female backing vocals). The last and certainly not least contribution across this riddim comes courtesy of Russian (Syberian that is) reggae-dancehall-reggaetón-soca band Kaya Warriors with "Caribbean Love" rounding off a magnificent selection produced by Jr. Blender (who is also responsible for the production of Soundquake's 'Here I Am'-riddim and Supersonic's 'Rudie'-riddim). Be sure to grab to these 7"s!