Artist / Title :
Bounty Killer - Bad Man A Roll
Ill Inspecta - 1.000 Bullit
Cobra - Rude Bwoy Thing Is Not A Game
Natasja (R.I.P.) - Sucky Sucky
Ronny Trettman - Die Stimme (Club)
Ronny Trettmann - Die Stimme (Radio)
Lexie Lee - Can't Fool Me
Pionear - Opium (Version)

Label : Germaica Digital      Format : Digital download      Riddim : Opium
Date : May 30, 2008
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Falling in between, which is very unfortunate for such a strong riddim as the hip hop inspired 'Opium', is what happened to this Germaican Records selection (that originally was scheduled to be flooding the market more than a year ago). Just too late to be released as a regular 7" selection and just early enough to be released as the first riddim selection on Germaica Digital, the new label of Germaican Records mastermind and producer Pionear.

The Warlord Bounty Killer attacks the 'Opium'-riddim first with his impressive "Bad Man A Roll", followed by "1.000 Bullit", the warning against anyone showing disrespect to Ill Inspecta and 'Mad' Cobra with the excellent "Rude Bwoy Thing Is Not A Game". The - unfortunately last year on June 24th killed in a car accident in Jamaica - extremely talented female Danish dancehall DJ Natasja (R.I.P.) - 2006's first ever non-Jamaican to win the Irie FM Big Break Contest - shows how perfectly she could ride a riddim with "Sucky Sucky" over a different mix of the riddim.

Germaica's Ronny Trettmann as always chatting in 'Sächsisch' - i.e. 'Saxon', the dialect of the former South of the GDR; Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt - brags about the success he has (especially with the girls) because of his voice (i.e. Stimme) in both cuts of his tune "Die Stimme (Club)"-version and the "Die Stimme (Radio)"-edit. Then Lexie Lee, whose debutalbum in my opinion is long overdue now, as always delivers an impeccable tune with "Can't Fool Me".

Because of the strength of this riddim I am more than just pleased by the fact that the clean "Opium Version" of this hip hop inspired riddim credited to Pionear himself is included as well. This extremely nice 'Opium'-riddim selection can be downloaded at: iTunes,, Virgin Megastore, Amazon, beatsource, junodownload,, Media Markt, Kompakt-MP3 and Saturn.