Artist / Title :
Kenny Knots - Original Spread Out / Bush Chemists - Earth Rocker Revisited
Bush Chemists - String Of Hope / Bush Chemists - Hopefull Dub

Label : Conscious Sounds      Format : 12" single     
Date :
February 27, 2006
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

At a time when European roots -- so intense and inspired in the 90's -- seems to have lost any sense of direction and aspiration for creative progression, then it's a pleasure to have Dougie Conscious still pushing forward in his search for new sound treatments.

He is certainly an under rated sound engineer, and if his instincts for creativity seemed to wane and become somewhat lukewarm around the 2002/2003 period, he sounds like he is back in full flow now with this release, which rivals the industrial and inspired power of Iration Steppas.

"Earth Rocker Revisited" is visceral and atmospheric, its eerie high frequencies, weaving subliminal ambient effects and shredding Tubby's sound signals drawing the listener into its raw and inventive sound terrain. So much current Euro roots seems totally lacking in any essential sense of the dramatic and elegiac -- this composition cannot be accused of that.

"Hopeful Dub" has that bizarre roaring vibration of a bass tone Dougie commands and evokes so well, fleshed out by complex digi Rockers snare cracks and primal percussion.

This is pretty strong stuff, and significantly better than most of the competition, even though Dougie Conscious is still so overlooked and under rated as an engineer. He deserves more acknowledgement and recognition as this release shows, proving that he is not just another digi revivalist plundering old, stale and well worn formulas but rather showing that he still aspires to the new and undiscovered, albeit within a strictly orthodox format. Nice to know at a time when Euro roots -- arguably -- seems sorely in need of a new sense of direction and a shift out of a by now well rooted conservative cul de sac.

Professor Barnabas