February 6, 2009

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  • Pete Fox - Schwarz Zu Blau / Lok Auf 2 Beinen (Beathoavenz Remix)
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After Germany's dancehall caballeros and music monks Seeed decided after their third album "Next" to take a break from recording and touring, one of their three vocalists Ear a.k.a. Appear a.k.a. Boundzound was the first one to release a solo single and the album "Boundzound" following his 2003 debut EP "Boundclub (EP)", the band's mastermind and most prominent frontman Pierre Baigorry a.k.a. Enuff a.k.a. Peter Fox made his solo-debut with his album "Stadtaffe" (originally announced as "Hunde, Tauben, Stadtaffen"). But that isn't exactly the way it was conceived, as Peter Fox wasn't planning a solo album, but had developed the idea to record an album in the producer's seat with another vocalist. In fact, it had already been decided who'd contribute the vocals, Atlanta's former Goodie Mob member Cee-Lo Green, who appeared as guest vocalist on Seeed's "Aufstehn!" and who only had to finish 'a small project' that however turned out to be the chart topping 'odd couple' Gnarls Barkley with his partner Dangermouse. And thus Peter Fox found himself delivering the vocals on his solo-project.

And after the enormous mainstream chart success of both first two singles "Alles Neu" and "Haus Am See" and the album in Germany, all entering the top 10 on release with the album staying there till now, the third single of "Stadtaffe" is the moody yet bouncing and outstanding "Schwarz Zu Blau". A tune in which Berlin (completely the opposite of Seeed's "Dickes B") is a place to be hated, yet chosen to represent Berlin in 2009 in the Bundesvision Song Contest - which Seeed won for Berlin in 2006 with "Ding" -. On this 2-track CD-single it's coupled with "Lok Auf 2 Beinen" in its Beathoavenz Remix and on both tunes you can hear that only very small changes would have to be made to the sound to turn these into Seeed tunes. The remix included justifies buying this Single-CD even if you (as you should have) already bought the album "Stadtaffe". And on Friday (February 13) we'll know whether Peter Fox this time wins the Bundesvision Song Contest as a solo artist. It is however very very unfortunate that the latest voicing across this by heavy REAL strings driven riddim is not included on this Single-CD, because Morgan Heritage percussionist Mr. Mojo has voiced the incredibly strong statement on battybwoy-lyrics leave "Dem Bwoy Deh" alone with its vocodered hookline and great deejaying that deserves for its lyrics as many points as for its delivery (and for the riddim that Peter Fox, The Krauts including Lychee Lassi's DJ Illvibe and Berger layed).