Artist / Title :
Side A: Tippa Irie - Praises / Dub Dada - Screaming Terror
Side B: Beenie Man - World Peace / Abbassi All Stars - World Peace Dub

Label : Deep Roots      Format : 10" single     
Date :
March 21, 2006
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

These tunes have been circulating on white labels/dub plates amongst journalists and sound systems for about three years now -- and they are rough, with intelligent conscious lyrics.

The white label cuts are on a harsh, raw power digital beat, aggressive and hammering -- these versions decrease the amphetamine force of those dub plates, instead opting for a slower one drop/hip hop/ragga fusion which works smoothly. Think similarities to Danny Red's Mad Prof/Manasseh mix up tune, "Rise Up" AKA "Take The Ghetto To The Rich Folk."

Tippa Irie leads the vocal here. Be sure to watch out for the white label/dub plates on this same rhythm from Alton Ellis and Jack Radics. The white label cuts on this rhythm are sheer hardcore force and power, which surpass the vast majority of current digi roots.

Watch out for them, and in the meantime, these versions will whet your appetite.

Professor Barnabas