Artist / Title :
Jah Marnyah - Rasta Is Love / Version
Ras Iyahkayah - Good Life / Version

Label : Scoops      Format : 10" single      Date : November 20, 2007
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Brand new vinyl release from Scoops Records and Vibronics, part of three limited edition 10" singles which contain efforts from six singers based in Leicester, Midlands UK, to celebrate the rich diversity of the city. The second release in the series features tracks from Jah Marnyah and Ras Iyahkayah. Both artists, originally from the volcanic island of Montserrat, often work together, performing live across the UK and Europe. Jah Marnyah has been particularly busy, recording vocals for Roots Garden, No More Babylon and Dub Terror.

Followers of Vibronics/Scoops Records will surely remember Jah Marnyah as he recorded one of his best singles to date, "Anointed One", for this production house. Even though his new tune Rasta Is Love doesn't match the quality and greatness of that piece, it's another solid effort from this Bobo singjay performed over a slow-paced rootical riddim. Ras Iyahkayah, whose voice and style is reminiscent of Jah Marnyah, has the slightly better effort across the riddim, mainly because of his lyrical delivery.

The stripped-down versions of both tunes are decent dub outings with the "Version" of "Rasta Is Love", which gives way to the Nyabinghi sounds of I-Mitri from CounterAction, being our favourite dub piece.

Teacher & Mr. T