Artist / Title :
Gowdie Ranks - Rastaman A Chant

Label : VIS Records      Format : 7" single      Date : 21-04-2000
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Gowdie Ranks isn't exactly a newcomer in reggae business. Hailing from the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, Opal Deron Gowdie aka Gowdie Ranks has been dominant on the music scene as deejay, promoter and producer. The musical presence of Gowdie Ranks was first noticed at the age of 16 years old when he began flashing dancehall lyrics on Super Rock High Power sound system. Such was his popularity that his talent in the early years of his career was shared on Jamaica's top sound systems Killamanjaro and Sir G's International. His first recording "Champion" became a huge hit in Jamaica. In 1990 he came to England where he recorded the hit "Miss Goodie Goodie". Flying back and forth from England to Jamaica he also voiced noteworthy tunes for JA labels like 'Top Secret' and 'Jazzy Creations'.
The 7" single "Rastaman A Chant" - one of his latest deliveries - is a killer tune across the 'Bellyas' riddim. The song's fine lyrical content as well as Gowdie Ranks' powerful performance over this appealing riddim track make this single worth while purchasing. Also very enjoyable is the nyabhingi flavoured version on the flipside.

Teacher & Mr. T.