Vibeguard Recordings
Digital Single
February 16, 2015

Artist & tune

  • Rojah B – Live It Up / Vibeguard Recordings – Tuff Night Riddim
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Rojah B aka Roger B or Roger Banton is a French singer who emerged in the Reggae scene of Paris at the beginning of this millennium. Rojah B, who is strongly influenced by the roots of the 70's and the lover’s rock of the 80's, joined a band called the Uptown Hackers in 2001, playing roots music in the tradition of groups such as Black Uhuru or Steel Pulse. However in 2004 he started to work with the Control Tower Sound System and shared the microphone with local artists such as Mota Favela, Terry Bible, Kiam and Little Irie. With Control Tower, Rojah B brought out the street album "C.T. Style" in 2007, where he shared the vibes with Mota Favela.

Between 2007 and 2009 he did several studio recordings and released the 7" vinyl singles "Crisis" (2007), "The Right Thing" (2008) and "Will You Be There" (2009) on the Greatest Friends label. Rojah B also appeared in various projects, such as "Real Love Mixtape" (2007), "Feel Dis One" (2008), "French Day Break" (2008), "Live Up Right" of Lion Stepper (2008), "East Africa Rise Up" (2008), "Ma Vizion" of Lion Killa (2009), and "Zot Ja Sav" of Terry Bible. In 2009, he became a member of the King Stone Family. Several performances with Mota Favela, Terry Bible and Kiam (aka Original Tonkar) ended up in the release of the compilation sets "King Stone Effect Volume 1 & 2". In 2010 and 2011 Rojah B continued collaborations and appeared on the street album "Lord Bitum & Friends Volume 2" (2011) and the compilation "Mango Roots of Children Of Jah" (2012). His first full length solo album entitled "Do You Remember" is released at the end of 2011. In 2012 he starts a collaboration with the Reggae band Shaman Culture, which leds to the release of the "Nothing Else EP" in October 2014.

And now, at the beginning of the year 2015, there's Rojah B's brand new digital single "Live It Up", produced by Vibeguard Recordings. This latter, a record label founded in 2009 as a logical result of the work of the Vibeguard Sound System, has since released 2 vinyl singles, 3 digital singles, 1 digital EP and 1 digital album, featuring artists such as John Mouse, Osiris, Carl Meeks, El Fata, Daddy Clean, Rosa Shanti and Melloquence. With Rojah B's "Live It Up" they put out their fourth digital single and it's one worth hearing. Underpinned by an infectious live played 'one drop' riddim called "Tuff Night", created by guitarist JC from the Ginkgo Belova band and produced at the Green Chapel Studio located in the Champagne Ardenne area in France, Rojah B makes a decent impression, both lyrically and vocally. "Live It Up" is a solid hymn to life: enjoy every day and never give up!!! The inclusion of the straight version of the riddim is the icing on the cake. All in all worth checking out.