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Side A: Carlton Livingston - Riots In The City / Keety Roots - Dub In The City
Side B: Keety Roots - Dub Chapter 3 / Keety Roots - Dub Chapter 4

Label : Black Legacy      Format : 12" Single      Date : March 22, 2008
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Released together with the 7" single "Defend It" the "Riots In The City" 12inch is yet another fruitful result of the combined talents of reggae veteran Carlton Livingston and musician/producer Keety Roots from London UK. Carlton Livingston's vocal cut of "Riots In The City" is a great reality tune, written during the riots that took place in the ghetto-like suburbs of French cities in November 2005. It's underpinned by an awesome storming UK stepper, which perfectly suits Carlton Livingston's distinctive vocal delivery as well as the lyrical content of the song. Keety Roots' dub outings feature vocal inserts ("Dub In The City") and haunting effects. A lethal record made for sound system play at any deep roots dance!

Teacher & Mr. T