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July 19, 2013

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  • Ras Lett - De Money
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There are countless Roots Reggae artists throughout Creation that deserve rightful recognition. Firmly and steadily, Trinidad's Ras Lett is an artist that should be headline news; no doubt about it! This conscious Rastaman has been on the scene for a while now and he deserves the utmost raspect and recognition. His recent single, "De Money", is an incredible song that has topped the island's Indigenious Charts for weeks. It has garnered a lot of attention on YouTube and Facebook. The question remains... will someone take a serious look at this talent and sign him to a respectable label?

Ras Lett was born and raised in South Trinidad. As a youth, he was powerfully inspired by King's Musik and constructed ites songs with his guitar at an early age. Currently residing in Gaspirillo, Trinidad; he is a master of many trades - music, carpentry, masonry, painting and plumbing. He has recorded three albums, "In Ah Babylon", "Cry No More" and "Oppression". His impressive singles include "Lovin' U", "Cry No More", "Test Of Courage" and the phenomenal "Who". His performances at 2013 Emancipation Celebration were joyful and full of energy.

De Money is one of the most powerful and infectious songs to emerge in a long, long time. Upon first listening, you WILL play it again and again! Ras Lett possesses an engaging and earthy voice that's truly unique but has a hint of Half Pint's magic in there. He masterfully rides a riddim that features superior guitar, drum and bass arrangements that are expertly fused with great backing vox and mix. He sings of the current situation of the need for money and all the badness that coincides with it. Throughout this track, he remains headstrong; exalting his faith unto the Most High. Lyrics like, "Me walk without fear" balance out the badness and gladness.

Objectively speaking, this reviewer hopes to hear this song throughout the world. It is Ras Lett's vision to carry his music internationally and he makes it a point to guide younger singers to do the right and sing tight. Check YouTube to hear this track and many more from one of the most forward voices in Roots Reggae Musik today. Go deh!!!!