Artist / Title : Leroy Sibbles - Rock And Come On / Dub Part 1 / Dub Part 2

Label : Cookie Jar      Format : 12" single     
Date :
April 29, 2006
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

This "Rock And Come On" discomix -- replete with two monstrous, cavernous dubs -- is an essential purchase, largely because of its understated sense of originality.

It is not a banal, stodgy, steppers, and neither is it a one drop cliché. Neither is it even particularly rootsy. And it certainly isn't lovers.

It is instead, a lazy, loping optimistic drum and bass groove, with emphasis on creating good, peaceful and reflective vibes for the dance.

Its power is in its sense of soul and subtlety, overlaid with fragmented vocal splinter echoes on the dub.

But what really sets this one apart from other 12" discomixes of the late 70's to mid 80's is its sense of understatement and discovery : This tune -- and particularly its huge dubs -- end up sounding so very much like early ONU Sound, in particular the much under rated second album, "One Way System".

This is probably due to the fact that both this 12" and the aforementioned Adrian Sherwood production featured a very young Style Scott at his peak of inventiveness, supported by the austere, tight rhythms of the Roots Radics.

Leroy Sibbles here sounds so like Delroy Wilson on the Channel One discomix "Look What You Are Doing To Me", still available on repress from the great Motion. Equally intense on the version are Style Scott's roto toms and timbale tuned snares.

All in all, this is a fresh and uplifting re release : And it is relevant too, because the reggae market presently seems to be saturated, and unduly preoccupied with stale steppers and one drop clichés.

Professor Barnabas