Artist / Title :
Winston Fergus - Rough times
Chris Jay - Rough version
Chris Jay - Can't take no more
Winston Fergus -Ganja defenders

Label : Dubwise Productions      Format : 10" (UK)      Date : 18-08-1998
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UK based record label "Dubwise Productions" puts out their new 4 track EP 10" single. The EP features two tracks of veteran vocalist Winston Fergus, who started his career in the mid 70s. Rough Times is a single that keeps the cultural movement alive . He uses his voice well, and combined with the strong melody it makes the tune worthwhile checking out. The dub is an interesting piece of music inna steppers stylee. Can't take no more is a fast paced digital dub, remixed in heavy style by The Disciples, followed by another vocal outing of Winston Fergus , Ganja defenders. This track is an herb anthem, delivering a skillful plea for the use of ganja.

Teacher & Mr. T.