Supersonic Sound
(A Message To You) Rudie
7" Single / digital release
April 17, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Bunji Garlin - Helpless Child
  • Degree - I Can't Stop Loving You
  • Mojo Morgan - Rude Bwoy
  • Fayann Lyons - Lonely Girl
  • Levy Myaz - Take It Easy
  • Marlon Asher - It's Been A Long Time
  • Benjai - Keep It Coming
  • Dr. Ring Ding - My Roots And My Culture
  • Spruddy One - I What A Joy
  • Gioman - Anche Quando
  • Nico Royale - Talking To You
  • Brusco - Raper
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The rocksteady masterpiece "A Message To You, Rudy" from Robert 'Dandy' Livingstone - revived during the 2 Tone era by the Specials - (can I say finally) gets revitalized in this 2009 selection from one of Germany's big 'S' soundsystems, Berlin's Supersonic Sound (the other 2 being Stuttgart's Sentinel and Detmold's Soundquake) - as this brilliant 'Rudie'-selection, relicked by their selector, German remix wizard turned producer Jr. Blender with the help of a few of his musical friends on guitars and saxophone. The riddim had been relicked already a couple of years ago by Jr. Blender but by coincidence turned into a selection after having the more than 4 minutes long semi-freestyle reality tour-de-force "Helpless Child" by Bunji Garlin voiced.

And that tune rivals with General Degree's "I Can't Stop Loving You" with its wicked flow and catchy sung chorus for being the strongest tune on the riddim, but there are more candidates as this riddim seems to have inspired all artists to excellent performances. Like Mojo Morgan who contributes his "Rudebwoy" - that will also be included on his upcoming "Mr. Mojo Rising (EP)" and the daughter of legendary soca-singer Superblue and wife of Bunji Garlin (and proud mother since 3 months) Fay-Ann Lyons, who does an incredible job with her oldschool (almost Phyllis Dillon like) "Lonely Girl".

NYC-based Trini Levy Myaz a.k.a. Zion delivers the very nice "Take It Easy" before fellow Trinidadian Marlon Asher with the for him a-typical but wonderful "It's Been A Long Time profits fully from the riddim and the third Trini in a row Benjai impresses with "Keep It Coming" on which more often than not during the extremely entertaining tune he sounds like a young Mikey Dread. And then Dr. Ring Ding pays tribute to his (and coincidentally - as it was the 2 Tone version leading me to the originals in the very early 80s - my) "My Roots And My Culture" followed by another German impressing across the riddim, former Court Jesters Crew vocalist and member of Soulfood International Spruddy with the beautiful "What A Joy".

Three Italians round off this extremely well-done selection, starting with Gioman with the fine "Anche Quando", Nico Royale with the impressive "Talking To You" before closing with Brusco's in your face twist on the original "Message To You" lyrics "Raper". This is a smashing successor to Supersonic's 'Devils Angel'-selection and no selector or 7" buyer can manage not to add these singles to his collection. Another high quality riddim by Jr. Blender that must have been a true joy for the artist to voice, as the fun the artists had doing so is clearly audible.