Artist / Title :
Anthony Johnson - She Haffi Come A Mi
Early B. - Visit Of King Selassie
Little John - Say What You're Saying Super Cat - Walk A Ton

Label : Reggae Goldmine      Format : 12" single      Date : May 9, 2004
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Four entertaining productions from Jah Thomas originally released on the producers own Midnight Rock label and included on his own greatest hits cd compilation. These tracks are very much the vogue amongst the many sound systems operating in Jamaica, most notably Killamanjaro which constantly played "Visit of King Selassie" by Early B at most of their dances. Side 1 brings us the hit tune "She Have Fi Come A Mi" by Anthony Johnson (who scored big for Jah Thomas with "Every Day Is A Gun Shot") and Early B's cultural deejay tune "Visit of King Selassie", both delivered across the "Pass The Kouchie" riddim which was laid by the Roots Radics Band in the early 80s. Uptempo riddims on the flipside underpinning "Say What You’re Saying" by a young Little John and Super Cat's "Walk A Ton".

Teacher & Mr. T.