S.H.E.M Music Productions
Digital Release
Nvember 22, 2015

Artist & tune
  • Singing Melody & Lady Saw - Beneath You're Beautiful
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Singing Melody, real name Everton Hardweare, started his career in 1987 with a single for King Tubby. He broke through in the nineties and became know for his ability to combine reggae music with R&B flavors. He was also a member of the group L.U.S.T and runs his own label, S.H.E.M. Music Productions. This month he and his wife Ruby will be starring in a new Jamaican reality TV series called The Hardweares.

In combination with dancehall diva Lady Saw, Singing Melody covers the popular 2012 ballad Beneath You're Beautiful, originally recorded by Labrinth and Emeli Sandé. Covering well known soul/pop ballads is common practice in Jamaica. The result sounds really nice, it's no longer a ballad, the tempo went up and Lady Saw shows her sweetest emotions here. You either love or hate these kind of tunes... so enjoy or ignore!