Irie Ites Records
World War III
7" Vinyl / Digital Release
February 5, 2016

Artist & tune
  • Skarra Mucci - Handz Ina Di Air / Perfect Giddimani - Nobody Knows
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A double A-sided 7" vinyl single with cuts from Skarra Mucci and Perfect Giddimani on the "World War III" riddim is the brand new project from the ever reliable Irie Ites production house outta France, which, besides full length album releases from artists like Trinity, Ras McBean and King Lorenzo, is also known for its riddim projects such as "Down In Jamaica", Billie Jean", "Stop That Sound", "Party Time", "Strange Things", Soulful Spirit" and "Rocking Time" to name only seven.

The "World War III" riddim is derived from Mikey Dread's theme song for the UK TV series Rockers Roadshow entitled "Roots & Culture". A bit confusing to call this riddim "World War III", as Mikey Dread's tune of that name has a completely different backdrop. Anyway, they called this riddim "World War III" because... 'too much bad things happening now in the world'. The riddim, incorporating a sample of Mikey Dread's "skip skibbe dib skip, skippe dibbe dib skippe dib skip skooy", has been given a Dubstep treatment and fires on all cilinders. First there's Skarra Mucci, the lyric millionaire from Jamaica, whose solid "Handz Ina Di Air" deals with dancehall runnins and aims at all raggamuffins. On the other side Perfect Giddimani delivers the fully satisfying "Nobody Knows", a song taken from his forthcoming new album on the Irie Ites imprint called "Reggae Farm Work".

All in all two powerful tunes with different musical vibes that will certainly mash up the dancefloors!!