Artist / Title : Jo-Anne Ceeza - Sometimes (Lovers Rock Version) / Sometimes (Hip-Hop Version)
Label : SoundBox      Format : 7" single      Date : 19 - 04 - 2002
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

UK reggae - more specific so-called UK lovers rock - has a rich tradition when it comes to sweet-voiced female singers. From the late seventies/early eighties up till now we have been treated to countless beautiful songs from a large number of fine female voices. "Sometimes" heralds the arrival of another great female voice, singer and songwriter Jo-Anne Ceeza. Jo-Anne is the daughter of popular UK reggae singer and producer Levi Roots, so it's obvious that she grew up with music. Backed by Mafia & Fluxy, Stanley Andrews and Clifton "Bigga" Morrison she delivers two wonderful versions of "Sometimes", originally recorded by US songstress Anita Baker. Jo-Anne really impresses on her debut single. She fully demonstrates her talent and potential as she excels in both versions featured on this 7" single. No doubt, once you've heard Jo-Anne Ceeza you'll know that she has a promising future.

Teacher & Mr. T.