Artist / Title :
The Travellers - South Africa / King Tubby - From Cape To Cairo
The Travellers - Close The Gate Dread / The Black Aces - Gate Dread Version
Label : Pressure Sounds      Format : 7" Singles     
Date :
November 16, 2005
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

These two 45's have been called "long lost gold from the vaults" -- however, whether they are "lost gold" is questionable -- Lost bronze perhaps?

But in this time when the pool of worthy album sources for the reissue market is 90% drained dry -- then the public are typically more than delighted when more Tubby's/Jammy's rarities are dug up -- even if they are flawed, as in the case of these two 45's.

And indeed, both tunes ARE good, even though they don't really add anything new to our knowledge of the Tubby's/Jammy's canon -- and mesmeric though the vocals are -- the listener does get the sense the singers are going through the motions at times.

Especially worthy however, is the tranquil, stoic vocal style on "South Africa", which brings to mind tunes like Joe Higgs "More Slavery", early Winston Jarrett and classic Spear music --

So if that is your thing -- 70's roots Rockers meditation and introspection, backed by hardcore rimshot snare cracks and timbale tuned drums -- then rush and buy these tunes before they delete, because they surely won't disappoint on that level.

The second 45, "Close The Gate Dread" is so very reminiscent of classic Yabby You, and it works very well on that level -- the rhythm track sound similar to a classic Far I tune. The version however, is somewhat pedestrian.

So a mixed response to these two 45's -- but ultimately -- they are bound to go down a storm with the completists. And how many of us can refuse a newly dug up/rediscovered Tubby's/Jammy's mix? Not many. These 45's will no doubt prove very popular.

Professor Barnabas