Artist / Title :
Gentleman - Rainy Days
Ras Shiloh - Silent Rivers
Tony Rebel - Not Necessary
Luciano - Now & Then
Lyricson - Suburb Politician
Admiral Tibet - Natural Vibes
Alpheus - U Got Love
Queen Ifrica - Jah Lenghten My Days
Mark Wonder - Slave
Turbulence - Burning

Label : Special Delivery Music      Format : 7" single      Riddim : Storm Alarm     
Date :
July 6, 2004
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

French record label "Special Delivery Music" has released seven 7" singles featuring tunes over the brand new "Storm Alarm" riddim. Three of these singles are released as double-A-sided singles with Ras Shiloh and Lyricson, Admiral Tibet and Alpheus, and Queen Ifrica and Mark Wonder being paired. Played by real musicians the solid "Storm Alarm" riddim is a wicked original rootical backdrop that has been voiced by some of the finest conscious singers and deejays including reggae's top artists such as Luciano, Ras Shiloh and Tony Rebel. With these names on the list, and furthermore also Gentleman, the Admiral Tibet and Turbulence being present, it's obvious that expectations are raised high. Overall opinion is that all efforts - including those delivered by the internationally lesser known artists - fully live up to expectations. Excellent tracks are Ras Shiloh's "Silent Rivers", Luciano's "Now And Then", Mark Wonder's "Slave" and "Natural Vibes" by the underrated Admiral Tibet. Matching cuts are Tony Rebel's "Not Necessary", Alpheus' U Got Love", Turbulence's 'fya' tune "Burning" and Gentleman's do-over of his own "Rainy Days", here in combination with Tamika. Also worthwhile hearing is Lyricson, a singjay with a distinctive voice whose "Suburb Politician" proves that he's definitely a name to watch. Highly recommended, so make sure you get your copies while you can!!

Teacher & Mr. T.