Artist / Title : Improvisators Dub - Need More Love / More Dub / Dirty Babylon / Babylon Dub / The Big One Grizzly
Label : Vicious Circle      Format : Pre-release CD single      Date : 09 - 06 - 2002
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Improvisators Dub's original dub is known for its great samples and the use of traditional instruments (sitar, harmonium, flutes...), linked by a skanking guitar over a powerful rhythm section. Their forthcoming album "Super Vocal and Dub Session" will be enlightened by the contribution of Jonah Dan (Bush Chemist / Disciples) and Danny Vibes - a young 20-year old prodigy. Both singers follow the steps of the Roots & Culture tradition and blend perfectly with Improvisators Dub's original dub stylee. The 5 track ep offers two vocal tracks, alongside with their dubs, plus a standalone dub tune. The first track, a powerful rootical tune makes the best impression, featuring the vocals of Danny Vibes. Vocalist Jonah Dan mashes up Babylon Head in the steppers tune Dirty Babylon.
We are looking forward to the album!

Teacher & Mr. T.