Artist / Title : Dr. Ring-Ding - The Needle (a.k.a Dr. Kitch) / Dr.Ring-Ding - Obeah Wedding
Label : Grover Records      Format : 7" single      Date : 02-08-2004
Riddim : Dr. Kitch
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Grover Records' latest 7" release is featuring the dancehall don from their own hometown Münster Dr.Ring-Ding after a bunch of very fine dancehall tunes - mainly recorded for Pionear's Germaican Records - revisiting his roots. His take on Lord Kitchener's 1963 Barbadian Telco release "Dr.Kitch", here retitled "The Needle" (and rereleased in Jamaica in 1971 on Lesley Kong's Beverley's label) is backed by his favorite sidekicks, the Swiss Scrucialists. Lord Kitchener had a monster hit with the tune in Trinidad, thanks to its catchy melody and riddim, and the slack lyrics: I am not a qualified physician / and I don't want to give this injection / the girl is begging for trouble / she insists I give her this needle in the end of course nevertheless resulting in now Dr.Ring-Ding performing the 'medical' assistance: I push it in / She push it out / I push it back / She starts to shout / Dr.Ring-Ding, you're terrible / I can't stand the size of your needle. The tune was performed at the Germaican Linkup! 2004 and has since gained (just check a few German and US reggae and ska forums) a lot of forwards and praises. On the 'B-side' of this 7" is a take on the Mighty Sparrow's 1966 'Calypso Monarch' winning "Obeah Wedding", that was revived in a dancehall style 20 years later for Jammy's by Lieutenant Stitchie. Here Richie Senior a.k.a. Dr.Ring-Ding stays much closer to the original arrangements, once again aided by the Scrucialists (and guest musicians Götz Alsmann on piano, Markus Passlick on conga & percussion, Ritski Bracht on saxophone and Benny Brown on trumpet). Another funny story, about a woman not even able to lure him into a wedding using Obeah (the Caribbean (black) magic spell), as she would benefit more from scrubbing her teeth and using some soap and water than trying to practice Obeah to find a man. Hear closely into the downtempo piano backed part near the end, and you'll release that Dr.Ring-Ding must be a big big fan of Frank Sinatra. This great 7" only makes me wonder how long we'll have to wait for the Dr.Ring-Ding album that by now seems already more than a year overdue....