New Sound Records / MacLes Music Factory
Digital Single
October 13, 2015

Artist & tune
  • Timmi Burrell - Addicted
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Although he had quite a few songs out on the streets, it lasted until 2014 before soulful singer Clive Burrell aka Timmi Burrell treated the reggae world to his very first full length album, the critical acclaimed "A Small Town Boy Story", which was done in collaboration with producers Tmar from New Sound Records and MacLes from MacLes Music Factory. And now the team is back on track with their brand new single "Addicted", which once again shows that Timmi Burrell is a real fine vocalist whose talent and skills deserve to be recognized by a wide audience. With "Addicted", underpinned by an infectious riddim that benefits from a grooving bass, bubbling organ and real nice horns, Timmi Burrell reaches out to all lovers in a way reminiscent of some of the finest artists in lovers rock history. "Addicted", a song talking about a man's addiction to the woman he loves, can easily be ranked among the best efforts Timmi Burrell has offered to date. A song truly worth hearing and a real treat for fans of lovers rock and reggae alike.