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July 22, 2013

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  • Timmi Burrell - Small Town Boy
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Timmi Burrell - born Clive Burrell in Spanish Town, St. Catherine JA - isn't a real newcomer in the Reggae arena as he recorded his first officially released single "Tear It Off" on the B.I.G Records label from Negril based producer Ralston Barrett in 2001. This effort was followed by other singles on B.I.G Records such as "Up And Down" and "Children Crying".

After being absent from the scene for a little while, he's now back on track again. Recently he appeared on juggling projects such as "Street Cleaner Riddim", "Fyah Starta Riddim" and "3Wayz Riddim", and with the release of his latest single, "Small Town Boy", the sweet voiced Reggae singer shows that he's going from strength to strength. Backed by a fresh original 'one drop' riddim (with bass, keyboards, guitars and horns arrangement by Marc Leys aka MacLes, and Wim 'Radics' Verbruggen from the Asham Band on drums), this appealing effort speaks about the everyday struggles faced by people from poorer backgrounds but reassures us in the chorus that "Jah is a Friend when I'm in need, Jah is always there for me". Any Reggae lover who gives "Small Town Boy" a spin, will have to admit that Timmi Burrell delivers a big tune with a wicked conscious vibe!

This song is taken from Timmi Burrell's forthcoming debut set, and when that album is going to feature more of these kinda songs it will surely be a treat for the avid Reggae fan.