Artist / Title :
Mounia Sahara - Thank You / Version

Label : Silver Globe      Format : 7" single      Date : 01-12-2001
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Mounia Sahara - born Mounia Ezzahar on April 2nd 1971 in Morocco, North Africa, and living in Canada since she was only two years old - has grown up with music as her father was the bass player for a group called "The Box". She was always playing with instruments and singing with her Dad as she grew older. In 1997 she sang harmonies for Ken Boothe's "Sparkle" and in April 1999 she made her debut performance with Everton Blender. Mounia Sahara's single "Thank You" is a decent cultural piece. Backed by a nice one drop riddim this female singer, who is blessed with a wonderful voice, performs in a vocal style reminiscent of one of the UK's best female singers, Sylvia Tella.

Teacher & Mr. T.