Artist / Title :
Cutty Ranks - That's the way (I like it)
Way way version
Captain Barkey - Eight cylinder
Mister Murdock - Hot bwoy

Label : Greensleeves Records      Format : 12"      Date : 28-03-1998
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

All tunes on this new 12" single are produced by "the cutter" himself for his own Chop Chop Productions. Throughout the years Cutty Ranks (born Philip Thomas) sticked to his own style that put him once on top, while so many other deejays chase the top artists' style. Taking K.C. & The Sunshine Band's 70s hitsong "That's The Way I Like It" as a starting point he delivers a solid dancehall tune on a powerful, beat-driven riddim. Cutty Ranks uses his angry monotone voice well and when it is combined with a strong riddim his tune embodies a lot of power. On the flipside Captain Barkey and Mister Murdock come in with a nice performance utilizing the awesome riddim and their deejay style really good, thus making this a decent record.

Teacher & Mr. T.