Artist / Title : Jakki - The Way We Were / Our Day Will Come
Label : Bunjo Music Productions      Format : CD single      Date : 06-08-2002
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Every now and then something special happens in the world of reggae music, another star is born, another major talent emerges. Jakki James aka Jakki is one such artist - simply awesome! Far from being a newcomer to the music business, this African-Canadian of Jamaican origin is just the best-kept secret on the Toronto music scene. Starting her singing career at age 10, and after years of school and church choir, plays, dance groups and stage performances plus her numerous live show appearances, recording sessions and extended travels over later years, Jakki has experienced that hard, mind-boggling, hypocritical, untrustworthy yet rewarding road that often-times is show business, and has survived. She has had her share of triumphs along the way, as she has been the recipient of many awards and favourable media mention. "Like a Toy" and "Have A Good Time" are two of her more successful reggae recordings and served as glimpses into her potential and vocal abilities.
This CD single is our first acquaintance with Jakki and we have to admit that we were instantly thrilled by her beautiful vocal delivery. Jakki proves to be an outstanding talent, a sophisticated songstress with a stunning vocal technique. Two covers, both taken from Jakki's newly completed CD titled "The Power Of One", are featured on this CD single. First one is treated to "The Way We Were", a cover of the Barbara Streisand monster hit of some time ago, and then "Our Day Will Come", originally from Ruby & The Romantics. Jakki's performances are nothing less than stellar and the musical arrangements first-class, which makes it a real joy to hear these songs over and over again. On this evidence Jakki's forthcoming album promises to be a winner!

Teacher & Mr. T.