Artist / Title : General Degree - Traffic blocking / Boom boom
Label : Greensleeves Records      Format : 12"      Date : 09-02-1998
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

General Degree (born Cardiff Butt) has had his share of hits over the years. In '91 he recorded "Granny", the first hit for both Degree and producer Danny Browne on the Main Street label and Degree never stopped since, consistently churning out hits. On this 12" General Degree delivers cuts on two hardcore computerised riddims: the top side slams in with the "Filthy" riddim - Main Street's spankin' new dancehall riddim - while the flip side contains the acclaimed "Rotten" riddim. General Degree comes out on top as he seemingly effortless voices up both riddims, thus making these two tunes instant winners in today's dancehall music. Wicked !

Teacher & Mr. T.