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Ras Digby - Unite / Conscious Minds - Dub In Unity

Label : Soul Beat U.K.      Format : 7" single      Date : 06 - 08 - 2002
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Ras Digby - real name Digby Austin - started deejay-ing at the early age of 11 with the El Paso sound system based in Brixton, South East London. He spent several years deejay-ing on many local sound systems, but most of the time he was with Sir Jessus, the number one sound at the time. The highlight of his career was when he won the Revival Championship Cup with Sir Jessus. However, this talented Rastafarian was not satisfied and being gifted with an abundance of talent went on to being a radio dj on the Beat FM, hosting his own show playing mainly revival and roots & culture music. After five years with Beat FM he moved on to Revival FM, where he is now resident and continues to express himself through the music. It was at this time he met the legendary singer, songwriter and producer Harris "B.B." Seaton who heard him on the radio and realized that he had the talent to be recorded. And indeed, it turned out that B.B Seaton was right. Ras Digby has now released his debut single "Unite", produced and arranged by B.B. Seaton for Soul Beat Records whilst working on material for his debut album. Ras Digby's "Unite" - the answer version to B.B. Seaton's single "International Race" - fully benefits from the appealing, well played riddim track. Ras Digby proves a singer with a distinctive vocal delivery that bears traces of his deejay-ing days. He delivers a solid conscious tune, which lives up to his ambition "to make right all the wrongs, musically." Do check out the dub version on the flipside as it is well worth hearing.

Teacher & Mr. T.