Artist / Title : Sheya Mission - Valley / Take Me To The Hills
Label : Goldheart Music      Format : 7" single      Date : January 18, 2005
Rating : (1 to 5 stars)

Although Sweden isn't exactly the country one will associate with Reggae music it certainly has played a role in the history of Reggae music, not only due to the fact that the one and only "King of Reggae" Bob Marley stayed in Stockholm during the early seventies to provide some songs for the soundtrack of a movie entitled "Love Is Not A Game". Nowadays Sweden has a group of devoted Reggae fans who keep the Reggae flame burning. That's why artists like Natural Way and, in this case, Sheya Mission can emerge and are able to get their Reggae music released. On this 7" single - originally released in limited edition by Jonah Music in 1999 - we are introduced to Sheya Mission. Backed by her band Yarden Riddims, this female singer, with a good and appealing voice, delivers two roots oriented tunes. "Valley" is a fine and enjoyable song, performed over a mesmerizing riddim driven by a heavy bassline. The flipside contains "Take Me To The Hills", which is delivered in the same mood as "Valley", but in the end fails to make a great impression. However, this 7" single provides nuff cultural vibes to make Sheya Mission a singer to look out for in the near future.

Teacher & Mr. T.