Imperial House Music
10" Vinyl
April 1, 2013

Artist & tune

  • Vivian Jones - Welcome To The Roots / Dub / Rock On / Dub
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In 2011 Vivian Jones' collaboration with UK producer Russ Bell-Brown aka Russ Disciples led to the release of a notable revamped version of the singer's early '80s roots killer "Flash It & Gwan". Now the latter is followed by another cracking piece on 10" vinyl called "Welcome To The Roots". Underpinned by a revitalized version of Third World's wicked "Dem Man Deh" from 1996, "Welcome To The Roots" clearly shows why Vivian Jones is a crucial singer, one of the best voices that the UK reggae scene has to offer. Before the tune really takes of there's some name dropping of some of the finest UK players of instruments including Fagan, Black Steel, Matic Horns aka Henry "Buttons", Horseman, and Fish Brown. The vocal version is followed by a wicked dub cut with Russ D showing no mercy. On the other side Vivian Jones impresses with "Rock On", a truly well done cover of Gregory Isaacs classic. And again Russ D's expertly done dub version is the icing on the cake. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this worthwhile release.