White Label / Adidjahiem Records-Tads International
Miss Independent / Squeeky Clean
Promo copy / 7" Single
Deleted / March 3, 2009

Artist & tune

  • Vybz Kartel & Spice - Ramping Shop
  • Vybz Kartel & Spice - Ramping Shop (Remake)
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This phenomenal (extremely slack) tune by Vybz Kartel & Spice is still ruling the dancehalls in its now forbidden version over Ne-Yo's 'Miss Independent'-riddim. "Ramping Shop" is a superb masterpiece of very catchy rancid explicit lyrics over its groove, but Vybz Kartel has received an e-mail from EMI Music Publishing stating that "Ramping Shop" infringes on the copyright license of "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo. "Ramping Shop" was originally released towards the end of 2008 and is currently on a remade version of the 'Miss Independent'-riddim and though immensely popular in Jamaica has not been officially released to the international market.

While Ne-Yo is officially signed to Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), the copyright license for the composition of the Ne-Yo song is licensed by EMI Music Publishing for Shaffer Smith and NYC based Norwegian composers Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen (a.k.a. Stargate). The e-mail from EMI stated, "Ramping Shop" by Vybz Kartel and Spice infringes the copyright in "Miss Independent" (Smith/Hermansen/Eriksen). Clearance of this use of "Miss Independent" has not been sought or obtained and I am informed that clearance will not be forthcoming.

Accordingly "Ramping Shop" cannot be released or exploited in any way. Please confirm your acknowledgement and acceptance of this, and that you will arrange that (i) all recordings of the infringing track will be re-called and destroyed and that no further copies will be issued, and (ii) that the audio and/or video will be taken down immediately from all Internet sites.

But Vybz Kartel & Spice bounced back with the "Ramping Shop (Remake)" a.k.a. "Squeeky Clean Version" that might not be as strong as the superb original on 'Miss Independent' - which seems impossible anyway - but that still is one of the best slack combinations of the last decade adn that at least will make this XXX-rated tune available for the massive on Vybz Kartel's own Adidjahiem Records and Tad's International. This tune deserves all the attention it's gotten for musical reasons alone and (f#$k Stargate) do try to hunt down the impeccable "Ramping Shop 'Miss Independent'-version" in some corner of the Internet as well!