Artist / Title :
Ranking Joe - Walk With Jah / Rootsman - Instrumental/
Ranking Joe - Walk With Jah (Jungle Mix)

Label : Third Eye Music      Format : 10"      Date : 12 - 03 - 2003
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Ranking Joe was born in July 1959 in Kingston, Jamaica. He scored his first hit with the highly infectious "750", which resulted in many recordings for a number of producers, notably "Don't Give Up", "Psalm 54", "Natty Don't Make War", "Tradition", and a tribute to the bionic man, "Steve Austin". Ranking Joe worked with all the top producers in Jamaica like Joe Gibbs, Sonia Pottinger and Channel One. Some of his finest performances were produced by the late Dennis Brown where he unleashed some hardcore roots toasting on such vital sides as "Slave Driver", "Rent Man" and "Home Sweet Home". By 1982 Ranking Joe had become an international figure with the release of the classic DJ albums "Weakheart Fadeaway", "Saturday Night Jamdown Style", "Dub It Inna Dance", "Disco Skate", "Round The World" and "Armageddon". Still as potent as he was at his peak, Joe remains a living legend of reggae music, blessed with the ability and voice to mash up the dance wherever he goes. When he last visited the UK, Joe hooked up with The Rootsman to record a new toast called "Walk With Jah", now released on Third Eye Music on a 10". The veteran Sturgav and Ray Symbolic deejay is in real good shape and delivers an above par effort in his inimitable style. The Rootsman meets Ranking Joe stands for old skool deejaying underpinned by a contemporary slow-paced hip hop flavoured backdrop. Check out the flipside for the remix version, a crashing jungle aka drum&bass mix coming with a different lyrical delivery. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but unarguably awesome, especially when it is played at high volume!!

Teacher & Mr. T.